2020 Pro XP Clutch Kit

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Introducing Ibexx's 2020 Pro XP stage 2 clutch kit, this is the complete package to revamp your clutching. The stock clutching has a bad habit of losing belt grip at high speeds. We have taken and fixed that problem. along with what Ibexx is known for (lighter mass for quicker acceleration and back shifting, Less wear and tear on your clutches with less rotating mass) we take a drop the weight from 112 grams (on Pro XP) to 81 grams. That is 31 grams off each weight totaling out to be 93 Grams of less weight then the stock configuration.  This custom Ibexx weight kit (which runs lighter but still gives the same pressure as conventional weights) gives you the option for tailoring your ride to whatever terrain you like to ride on.  The kit contains: Custom design blue profile turbo weights, Primary Spring, Magnets, Bushings, and Helix.